Friday, October 17, 2008

Yellowstone and Jackson

Well, Scott and I decided to skip out on some classes and get away for a long weekend. We will be leaving Idaho soon, so we figured we should get to Yellowstone before it's too far away!

We saw a lot of great springs and geysers, and amazing waterfalls! And boiling, spitting mud holes...

And we smelled the delicate smells for which Yellowstone is so famous!

Maybe delicate isn't the right word... Anyway, we enjoyed the great views of the waterfalls the most, they were breathtaking, even when some involved a little hike, they were worth it.

There were plenty of random holes and towers of mist, and some animals that got a little too up close and personal for our taste.

And of course, Old Faithful. Not quite as faithful these days, but we had perfect timing and got there 10 minutes before it went off! We would have had to wait another hour and a half, so we were pretty glad we made it, and it was just before the sunset, so we had a beautiful ride to Jackson afterward.

The next day, we spent some time around Jackson. We walked through Gaslight Alley, where Scott proposed to me over a year and a half ago, and then caught a tram in Teton Village. We saw a Mormon cricket, and some great views!

Look -it was wicked huge!

And we walked over by Jenny Lake as well, which was simply majestic.

It was a great trip, and hard to go back to school after having so much fun together! Good thing we're in our last semester!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Goodbye Lola

Lola the Lumina Dixon

On August 30th, 2008, Lola left the Dixon family after a long power-steering illness. Her passing was peaceful and she was comforted by having her family by her side.

Lola was a true blue friend. She was always one to offer a lift to those around her, often when they needed it most.

Lola spent most of her life in New England, where she first joined the Dixon family. She enjoyed the cosy roads and clean air. In 2007, Lola made her first major move across the country to Idaho. She spent the rest of her time in both Idaho and Utah, basking in the beauty of the mountains.

Lola is survived by Scott and Chelsea Dixon, who currently reside in Rexburg, ID.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Derby

Last weekend we went to the Demolition Derby, here in Heber. It was wicked awesome! With the exception of the Powder Puff heat, they were all pretty intense and we managed to get a few sweet pictures, even if they are a little dark.

It was raining a little, and there was some not-so-friendly lightning heading our way, so we took cover for a while. Of course, the blanket only helped against the rain, so we were lucky the lightning didn't get too close to us -or our metal bleachers!

Uh oh, looks like Rachel didn't completely escape, her teeth are glowing...

The drivers were pretty aggressive, which made the heats that much better! Here are some exciting moments with smoke, flames and pile-ups -even one that delayed the derby while they flipped a truck off of another one!

The end. There really isn't anything else to add, these pictures definitely tell it better than I could!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trip to New Hampshire... And then some!

That's right, we finally got to go back to NH! I was wicked excited to see my family, and Scott got to go candlepin bowling, so he was happy, too :) We went to the Boston Temple on Thursday with my mom and it was great. So beautiful, too, since they'd just put in all their new flowers!

That night we got to see my brother Ry play his last high school lacrosse game. They didn't win, but it was sure fun to watch! We cheered him on as he made hits and got hit, and had a couple shots on goal -though we didn't get to see him score. It definitely made me miss playing, I'll have to look into coaching someday when I'm a teacher!

(Here he's getting whacked and if you look closely you can see the ball right below his glove. Good thing he's tough!)

(This one is Ry in the face-off! )

(Umm, this is just my dad, making a great face!)

Then on Friday we went up to Wells, Maine with my parents. We walked on the beach and fed the seagulls and collected seashells. Then we ate amazing seafood, like scallops wrapped in bacon and fresh oysters and lobster... mmmm!

When we went back, it was time for Brahms' track meet, so we went over to the school. He did really well, he won his race and jumped pretty far, though when I asked he was never sure of his numbers, he really doesn't ever care much about that part!

(Here he is -WINNING! He's so far ahead of most of them that you can't even see them)

Saturday we went down to Taunton, MA to visit my Uncle George and his family. We picked up my grandma on the way and then ate incredible pizza at their house. You haven't had real pizza until you've had it Greek style, trust me. Anyway, we tossed a frisbee around until we were eaten alive by gnats and went inside. My cousin Cameron provided the entertainment all night, I've never met a more hilarious little kid! He was making cookies and we said something about coming to party for Brahms' birthday and he was like "It's your birthday?? Why didn't you tell me?" And Brahms was like "Does that mean you're making me a special birthday cookie?" Cameron just laughed and said all patronizingly, "Sure Bo, of course..." You probably had to be there. He also said to a few of us, "Look, I can break the speed limit!" And took off around their living room, running as fast as he could. He gets funnier every time I see him. The things he says...

Sunday we celebrated Brahms' birthday with a cake, and serenaded him in the worst way we knew how. It was fun, Brahms' piece of cake was like a fourth of the entire thing, but he managed not to get sick!

And of course, we went bowling! Scott and I actually went again by ourselves before we caught our plane home! We didn't really bowl better, but it's pretty tough switching from 10-pin to candlepin, you throw a few gutter balls when you are warming up!

All in all, a great trip! We are excited to go back again next year :D And I know you are all excited too, so I can post a wicked long entry like this one again!