Saturday, April 19, 2008

Grandma's Wedding

Thursday was a pretty long day in Salt Lake for us. In the morning, we attended a session since Chelsea's pre-missionary cousin was going through. Then we went to lunch with some of the family at the Garden. It was tasty, and fun! We also walked around Temple Square, which wasn't kind to Chelsea's feet -don't worry, no pictures of her blisters are posted. Still, it was nice to relax and just walk around with Chelsea's mom and other relatives.

That evening Chelsea's grandma got remarried, and we attended the sealing, dinner and reception. It was fun to have so much of the family all together, and definitely a little crazy.

Finally, Friday night was their reception. We ate some good food, made up some crazy dance moves and watched them take off in their TP'd car. It was cute to see them drive off all blushy and stuff! Mostly we people watched and passed the time that way. My little cousins were the most entertaining by far!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bowling Champs

Well, Scott managed to carry my sad scores and take us to the Intramural Championship! Our friends John and Jessie were fun to bowl with and now we all have these great t-shirts that let the world know we are champions. And they even look cool when you wear them backwards, like Scott.