Friday, August 1, 2008

The Derby

Last weekend we went to the Demolition Derby, here in Heber. It was wicked awesome! With the exception of the Powder Puff heat, they were all pretty intense and we managed to get a few sweet pictures, even if they are a little dark.

It was raining a little, and there was some not-so-friendly lightning heading our way, so we took cover for a while. Of course, the blanket only helped against the rain, so we were lucky the lightning didn't get too close to us -or our metal bleachers!

Uh oh, looks like Rachel didn't completely escape, her teeth are glowing...

The drivers were pretty aggressive, which made the heats that much better! Here are some exciting moments with smoke, flames and pile-ups -even one that delayed the derby while they flipped a truck off of another one!

The end. There really isn't anything else to add, these pictures definitely tell it better than I could!