Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Camera

We bought a new camera! We wanted to get into photography, so we got a Canon T1i. We're having a lot of fun learning about it all -here are some of our first shots with it, in Provo Canyon. Someday soon we'll be taking wicked amazing pictures!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


We went to Denver last month, as an early anniversary trip. Our anniversary wasn't until 7/13, but when we saw the Red Sox were coming we decided to move our trip up! They won in extra innings, thanks mainly to my hero Pedroia. It was a long game, but my Red Sox played hard for us and did not disappoint!

The next day we went to Elitch Gardens (formerly 6 Flags). It was a little stormy that day, but luckily the rides all stayed open, from what we could tell. A couple of the good ones were broken though, which was too bad. It was wicked hot, so we got nice and soaked pretty soon after we got there, and then it wasn't so bad to stand in the long lines.

We also went to the aquarium. it was much bigger than we thought! It took quite a while to go through it all, and we saw plenty of sweet fish and sharks and everything else!

And we couldn't go to Denver in the hot summer without going to Waterworld, so of course we had to spend some time there. It was huge! We didn't even see it all -we noticed another whole section on our way out...

We managed to get in a temple session as well, so we took a few pictures outside afterward. It was a smaller temple than I thought, but really pretty.

And though the drive was long, we had a great time! You can tell, from the picture of me singing, but for some reason Scott didn't take any pictures of himself when I was driving, just scenery...

All in all, a perfect vacation.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shea's Wedding

My little brother, Shea, got married! He and his beautiful new wife, Gretel, were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Scott and I spent the weekend with them and the rest of my family. Here are a few pictures:

Another Billadeau marriage down, two more to go!