Monday, April 2, 2012

Cormac updates - 7.5 months

I am determined to be better about posting. I need to have somewhere to record all the fun ways that Cormac is changing and growing!

Cormac is such a happy little guy. He thinks people exist just to smile at him. When I take him to the store or library he is always spinning around looking for someone to smile at him. He goes crazy if no one is around or if people don't give him attention. When they do smile at him and say hi, he smiles with his whole body! He grins really big and shakes and kicks and wiggles to show how excited he is that someone wants to talk to him. It's fun, but also pretty distracting when we are trying to order food or get some other help while we are out!

Cormac sleeps so well at night now. He didn't for a while, so we finally decided to let him "cry it out" (we let him cry but periodically went in to comfort him, without picking him up) and after just one rough night, he was sleeping 11 hours. Sometimes he even sleeps 11.5, and he just wakes up and kicks and talks to himself until I come get him. He loves to kick his legs when he is waking up or falling asleep. He often just thumps one of them over and over -sometimes it wakes us up in the middle of the night if he is thumping himself back to sleep :) He doesn't nap very well, but is slowly getting better. He was sleeping in frustrating half-hour spurts unless I held him, but I am able to keep him up a little longer now, and he'll sleep an hour or more sometimes.

Cormac used to only take his binky when he was getting sleepy. Now, he will take it other times, which is nice, so we can keep him quieter in church. He used to spit it out a lot so he could smile at people, but now he's figured out a way to keep it in his mouth and smile at the same time! He pushes the soft part up against the top of his mouth with his tongue, then hooks his bottom lip out in front of the bottom edge of the binky. It's pretty impressive, and makes us laugh all the time. I need to try and get a picture of it!

Cormac has been sitting up on his own since 5 months, but he isn't crawling yet. He pushes himself backwards and gets annoyed that things end up even farther away! He seems like he really doesn't care about crawling most of the time. He'd rather have us hold his hands so he can stand up. But we've helped him push up to hands and knees (instead of thighs) and he likes to rock like that for a minute or two, so he'll probably figure it out soon. I'm excited for him to be mobile, though I know it means a lot more work for us!