Monday, April 16, 2012


My family came to visit over Easter weekend. My parents flew in from NH, Shea and Gretel came down from Rexburg and Brock and Eliza came across the street :)

We all went to the aquarium, which the kids loved. Cormac's favorite movie is Finding Nemo, so he was mesmerized when we held him up to the tanks to watch the fish!

My mom had her 50th birthday while we were together, so we celebrated with some cake and presents. My grandparents were visiting from Roosevelt (for my uncle's baby blessing), so it worked out nicely to have them come, too.

It was fun to get everyone together, but I really need to be better about taking more pictures. I like having a lot of good ones to choose from, and I really didn't take that many. And it was a perfect opportunity to have people take pictures of me and Scott and Cormac, and I don't think we got any of the three of us (all together). So that's something I am trying to remember better!

Cormac is getting a little more social, which is fun. He has always loved smiling at people, but now he leans toward them sometimes so they'll hold him. He lasts a few minutes before he wants to come back to me, but after a few days of being passed around with my family, he did better and let others hold him longer. However, after everyone was gone, he seemed pretty mad that no one was holding him for long periods at a time. He wasn't as good about sitting on the floor and playing with me -he wanted me to pick him up after only a few minutes! So I'm trying to break him of that and get him back to being independent. It is taking longer than I thought it would.

I finally got him to eat some baby food this weekend. He hasn't liked the stuff I've made him before, and I thought it might be because he wants to feed himself. He loves banana chunks, but when I make it into a paste and spoon-feed him, he hates it. Same with apples and other stuff, he wants to eat things by holding them and gnawing on them. So I bought one of those baby food bag things that you can squeeze, to see if he'd suck on it and feed himself. He didn't really get it, but seemed to like the taste. Scott suggested I squeeze it onto a spoon and see if he'd eat it. And he did! He liked it a lot. I think because it was made with fruit/veggies and juice concentrate, instead of water, so it wasn't as bland as what I'd made him before. I might have to make his baby food with apple juice (100% fruit, of course) and then maybe he'll eat it.

He still isn't making progress with crawling, but he's able to take a few steps while holding onto the couch. And he goes wild when I first put him by the couch and let him stand! He is crazy about standing. I'm pretty sure he'll skip the crawling, and just figure out the walking -and I'm ok with that! He's stubborn, like his parents, so there's no use trying to push him too hard to do something he doesn't want to do! I won't give up on crawling, but I don't expect Cormac to get excited about it any time soon. He knows what he likes!