Monday, April 30, 2012

Goodbye, April

I can't believe April is already over.  The weather has been so crazy (50s one day, 80s the next) that I've had a hard time believing it is spring.  I think we're probably done with snow now, though, so hopefully we get some more 70s before it gets (and stays!) hot.

Cormac is getting his third tooth, on top this time.  He has been extra drooly and more frantic as he tries to bite and chew things!  He likes to eat baby cereal (like rice puffs, that dissolve easily) and can pick them up himself sometimes, when he isn't too spazzy   :)  He still isn't crawling, but he gets close.  He gets on hands and knees/toes and kind of walks his feet, but doesn't move his hands so he just pushes himself forward and falls.  He's still more interested in walking and cruises along the couch really fast now.

We're going to the Grand Canyon next month, hopefully he doesn't mind the long car ride!  And hopefully he likes being in his new hiking backpack.  We're going to try and find a short hike nearby to get him used to it, if we ever have the time.

Scott is still very busy with work and church stuff.  Some of it is really great though -we got to attend the temple for a family sealing and it was really special.  We'd never been to one with children being sealed to their parents, and it was a great experience.

Cormac still likes tiny chunks of food, instead of purees, crazy kid.  But whatever he will eat, works for me.  He tried strawberries, and really liked them.  He made some funny faces, but kept taking more, so I could tell he was enjoying the new flavor! 

Cormac's such a happy boy!  He smiles all the time and laughs a lot more now, too.  He is getting so anxious to be able to move around on his own.  He tries jumping and pushing off things, which makes it a little nerve-wracking to try to hold onto him, but I feel very blessed that he is healthy and oh so happy.