Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Weekend

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo by eating Mexican food for three days in a row.  Cafe Rio on Friday night, Del Taco on Saturday night, and homemade enchiladas on Sunday night.  And we're not even tired of it yet   :)

This week Cormac decided he wanted to turn pages while we read.  It was funny, I hadn't thought to teach him to do it, and he just started grabbing the pages when I finished with the pages.  We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear at least once a day and he loves to turn the pages, probably because he already knows when it is time.  He can only do it with board books so far, he still just attacks regular pages, and tries to eat them or something.

Cormac is also experimenting more with sounds.  He likes to push air in and out of his nose really fast, he does a trilling sound with his tongue against the roof of his mouth, and he fills up his mouth with air and lets it out -which makes a "mmm-bah" kind of sound.  He still loves to shriek and growl, too.

He is getting much better at putting baby cereal puffs in his mouth on his own, too.  The funny thing is he picks it up with one hand and transfers it back and forth between his hands until it is close enough to his fingers than he can put it in his mouth.  Sometimes he is successful in picking it up between his fingers, so he kind of stares at it in surprise, then puts in straight in his mouth.  It's really fun to watch him learn and figure out how to do things for himself.  I wasn't crazy about letting him eat that processed food so young, but it's great for developing his dexterity.

Next week is our big trip to the Grand Canyon.  We still haven't tried out our new backpack for Cormac, so hopefully we can do it this weekend.  If he hates it too much, I'm not sure what we'll do, but at least we won't be finding out at the Grand Canyon, right?  I think I might be most excited for that Sunday anyway, since I'll finally get to go to church with Scott, and even sit next to him.

No pictures, sorry, we loaned out our camera for the week.