Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grand Canyon

Cormac loved his first roadtrip!  We drove to Arizona and stayed in Flagstaff for a few days.  He did better than expected in the car, thanks largely to a borrow dvd player.  We took our time and stopped a few times so he could stretch, eat, and get some air.  He went crazy trying to climb the fence overlooking Glen Canyon Dam!

We hiked around a little at the Grand Canyon and stopped at many of the overlooks.  The weather was perfect, in the 70s, with a good breeze.  And we went just before peak tourist season, which was good, because I thought it was already too crowded.


Cormac gets so comfy that he just falls asleep in the hiking pack  :)

The next day, we hiked in Sedona.  We actually enjoyed it a little more than the Grand Canyon, since it was less crowded and the trails had some shade on them.  We picked an easy trail, but made it a little harder by taking a side trail that led up to the rock face.  It was worth the view!

Cormac loved hiking, and we did, too.  It was so great to get away for a few days and take a break.  It was a little rough on Cormac's schedule, but he's a trooper and was pretty happy most of the time.  He loves playing on our bed at home, so he went crazy when we let him play on the hotel bed with us, since it was much more bed-playtime than usual.

He also figured out how to crawl while we were there!  He still isn't very good at it, and gets easily frustrated, but it sure is fun to see him get mobile.  He's much better at crawling on a bed/couch and slides himself off backwards -dangerous when he's on a higher bed, but fine on the couch  :)  He is always so pleased with himself when he navigates around the couch corners or leans down to pick something up.  We'll still work on the crawling, but he really prefers walking, and he is already quite stubborn!

Here's a video of him squirm-crawling, though it's not very good.  I was having too much fun watching Cormac to notice it was out of focus...  I definitely need to work on my video skills, it takes talent to watch and focus through the camera, while keeping his attention and everything!

Oh, and he also waved for the first time while we were at church in Flagstaff, when Scott left us to go to class.  He has only done it a couple of times since, but it's so fun to see him learn new little things like that.  He is growing up so fast!