Monday, June 11, 2012

The One-handed Clap

Cormac has always loved it when we clap for him, with our hands, or when we move his.  I've tried for a while to get him to do it on his own, and last weekend he finally did!  Now that he has figured it out, he claps when I sing songs he likes or Dad puts him on his shoulders or I show him pictures of himself on my phone.  It's fun that he will clap with me, but also that he just claps on his own to show excitement.  He still doesn't wave consistently, so maybe this will help him hone that skill.  Next, I want him to learn the high-five!

He claps by holding one hand still, and moving the other one back and forth.  It's basically what you would see in a video-dictionary under the word "adorable."

I don't have video because he still won't do it on cue, really.  I'll keep trying, and post it when he cooperates.  Rest assured, it could not be cuter!