Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh, Cormac

I could not resist taking this picture.  Cormac is such a Dixon!  He loves his little laptop, and the only way to keep him away from Scott's real laptop, is to give him his toy.  Even then, it doesn't last long.  He just wants to play with his Daddy -on the laptop, or however he can.

I went in to wake up Cormac from his nap today and he was sleeping like this, goofy kid.  How can that be comfortable?

Every day this boy makes me smile.  He is so happy and curious and fun.  Even though he frustrates me, like when he refuses baby food, over and over again, every minute is worth it.  I can't wait for him to learn even more and grow even more.  Whenever he does something, and shows me his "Look, I did it!" smile, it makes me so proud of him, and for him.  Scott and I are so blessed to have him.