Monday, June 25, 2012

Cormac Dixon, Champion Hiker

I love how good Cormac is when we go hiking.  He enjoys it so much!  He loves being in his pack, and just naps when he gets tired, no fussing whatsoever.  We have decided to plan better on future hikes, though, and take extra snacks and probably a basic first aid kit.  We hiked to Stewart Falls this weekend and there was a woman who sprained her ankle and we all thought, why don't we have some kind of first aid kit??  Only a 2 mile hike out, but two miles can be really long when you have an injury like that.

Or blisters, or tired feet, like Brad and Aliya did!  Dad of the day award goes to Tyler, for carrying them both, the majority of the hike back!  Scott and I offered to help, but they only wanted their dad.  Marianne gets an honorable mention for carrying their youngest in just a sling the whole time, too.  Scott and I are wimps, I guess, since we needed our big frame pack for Cormac, which I didn't even carry at all... maybe I'm the only wimp  :)

Anyway, here are some shots of everyone, and the beautiful falls.  It really felt worth it once we got there, the spray from the falls felt so good and cooled us down really well.

It was a great hike, even if it took longer than anticipated.  Hopefully Cormac continues to love hiking with us all summer.  We plan on getting out as often as possible!

                                              ~ ~ ~

And here are some fun ones of Cormac at home.  He's been sleeping in weird positions lately, and I had to get a shot of this one.  How can that be comfortable for his arms/hands?

He now gets himself up in his crib on his own, and is very proud of himself for doing it!  Now I just have to hope he doesn't start trying to climb out.  It's probably time to lower his mattress a little.

See?  Doesn't he look like he's plotting his escape??

And his new thing is when I set him down after his bath, he whips over and crawls all over the place, naked.  But his towel is the hooded kind, so he drags it around like a cape.  It's wicked cute, and I laugh every night!

Look at that face.  This is the life.