Monday, July 2, 2012

Fehr Lake

Well it was kind of a drive, but we went out to the High Uintas for a hike this weekend.  It was much cooler than Orem, and a pretty trail.  There were three lakes, but we only made it to the second.  We thought the sign was telling us the total miles to each lake, but it was stacked mileage, so we didn't have time for the last lake.

The trail was pretty rocky, but in a few spots it was swampy and there were wooden trails to walk on.  We didn't stop long at the second lake; Cormac was ready to go home after he had a snack.

Cormac wanted to jump in really bad!

We saw some trees that were losing their bark in huge flakes, hadn't seen it look quite like that before.  Had to stop and take some pictures.  Maybe everyone else won't be impressed, but we thought it was cool  :)

It was a great hike; Cormac was happy, as usual.  He took a short nap, but the wind blew really hard and woke him up.  He was a little cranky after that, but we were almost back to the car.

We came home and had skewers on the bbq -a perfect summer weekend!