Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Hampshire Trip

We took Cormac to New England for the first time -which means we flew with him for the first time!  He actually did better than expected, thankfully.  He slept ok and didn't seem to be bugged by the pressure changes (thank you binkie!).  And since his naps were off and interrupted, he adjusted to the time change ok, there and back.  Brock and Eliza and Sephi came, too.  Cormac LOVED following Sephi around, all day every day!  She was probably a little tired of it, but he just thought she was hilarious and wanted to be her shadow all week!

We celebrated our birthdays together with a Boston Creme Pie!  Cormac didn't get the candle thing (and he really turned one, my parents just didn't have any other candles), so I blew it out by myself.  But he liked the presents!  And we all went bowling.  I think I had some birthday luck on my side, because I actually won the first game, and I haven't bowled in years!  Of course my fellow BYUI champion husband won the second game  :)

We had a lot of fun at the lake, too.  Cormac enjoyed the water for about 20 minutes, which is better than he has done in the past!  It was great weather and hardly anyone else was there that evening.  We had a bbq and got the canoe out.

We got to visit my Uncle George and his family in Taunton, MA.  My cousin Gabby is about to go to college, I can't believe she's that grown up!  It was great to catch up with them and introduce them to Cormac.  He was fascinated by their dog, but not gentle enough to play with him...

We all went out to Portsmouth for dinner, and it was delicious!!  Oh how I miss fresh seafood!!  After, we drove out to Hampton Beach.  Cormac loved the ocean waves and the band playing.

After church on Sunday, Scott and I took Cormac for a little family walk out to Everett Dam.  It was a beautiful sunset!  Our camera doesn't do it justice.

We also went skeet shooting, shopping and bike riding.  It was an eventful trip, but also pretty relaxed, so we weren't completely exhausted when we came home.  Just enough to crash for a little nap with Cormac  :) 

~~~Thanks Mom and Dad, for flying us out there.  We love you!!~~~

I can't believe Cormac is already one!  And I guess he's officially a toddler, because he's walking pretty well now, too.  He loved playing with Grandma and Grandpa.  We gave him a little picture book with photos of family in it and he lights up when he sees them in it. He is growing up so fast.