Monday, August 27, 2012

Cormac's Second First Birthday Party

Well we really can't help spoiling our sweet little boy, so we had another birthday celebration yesterday, with Scott's side of the family.  Cormac was a bit overwhelmed until he realized no one was there to take him away  :) 

We had ballpark food for dinner, with Red Sox tableware, of course!  Hot dogs, pretzels, nachos -Yum!!  Cormac LOVES hot dogs, so he was happy to sit and eat and watch everyone else. 

We had red velvet cupcakes, and Cormac liked his, I think, once he understood that it was food.

He got messy, but not too bad.  He lost interest pretty fast, probably from eating almost an entire hot dog and half a pretzel, which is a lot for such a tiny belly!

And of course, this much-loved boy got more birthday presents.  He liked unwrapping them, but seemed annoyed that Dad wouldn't let him just play with the paper!  He finally figured out there were toys under all the paper though  :)

It was fun to have everyone over, and we know at least Brad enjoyed himself...

Happy Birthday, Cormac!