Monday, September 10, 2012

Dr. Dolittle He Is Not

We took Cormac to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point.  He was a little nervous, but excited to see all the animals.  He especially loves cows, so he kept "moo-ing" when he saw them. (It sounds more like "meh" but I think that makes it even cuter.)

I got stung by a bee or wasp or something right when we got there, so kudos to Scott for putting up with my complaining and whining  :)  Other than that, we had a lot of fun.  Cormac is getting pretty good about walking in shoes now, so we were able to let him wander a bit -but not too far, because tripping and falling at a petting zoo just seems extra gross.

Anyway, Cormac can also "caw" like a bird now.  He still hasn't figured out "mom" or "dad," but we're working on it.  He is such a happy boy, and it's a lot of fun seeing him so excited about everything in the world!