Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is Halloween

Cormac is still too young for trick or treating, but we took him to Vivint, where Scott works.  They had some trick or treating stations set up around the building.  Cormac... almost liked it.  He is terrified of elevators, so we had to stop freaking him out and take the stairs after a while!  He did love being told how cute he was and getting to put shiny, crinkly pieces of candy into his pumpkin bucket  :)

We borrowed a costume for him and, I have to say, he made the cutest cowboy!  I took him outside for some pictures, and I can't choose just one, so I'm posting quite a few:

Yep, he is ridiculously adorable.  We took a family shot at a friend's house, so hopefully I'll get to post that later.  Scott and I dressed western, too. 

Actually, Scott dressed differently for work, and he was wearing a hat (a fedora).  When we arrived for trick or treating, Cormac was so freaked out he wouldn't let Scott hold him until he took his hat off!  Funny kid.  He usually leaps out of my arms to get to his dad!  Scott put it back on after a little while and Cormac seemed to accept the fact that his dad could be the same person, in a hat.