Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in Las Vegas

We had such a great holiday!  My parents flew out and visited for a couple of days, my brother blessed his baby, and we went to Vegas for Turkey Day.

Cormac LOVED Grandpa.  He got all bashful and sweet with my mom, and I think he even remembered her a little, but he really took to my dad, which was so fun to see.  He brought him books and toys, and wanted to sit on his lap.  I wish he got to see my parents more often.

Brock and Eliza blessed their baby, Mace, at home while we were all here.  It was nice of them to arrange that so the grandparents could be there, and my nephew is growing up so fast!  He's a big, happy boy.

Vegas was fun, too.  Cormac liked all the lights and colors, but he was scared of the water/fire/light shows outside the hotels.

We're just planning on staying home for Christmas, which will be nice and quiet, but it was fun to get out and do something different for a holiday.  Cormac did surprisingly well in the car, thanks to a dvd player on loan.  He's such a good sport, and a happy little boy.