Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween

Cormac had a lot of Halloween this year.  We took him trick or treating at the Riverwoods, the Saturday before Halloween.  He was nervous for the first store, but when he saw that he got candy just for saying "trick or treat" he was wicked excited to keep going  :)  He kept racing ahead of us to get to the next store.  It was fun to see him in awe of the other costumes, and fun for kids to point at him and say, "Mom, Buzz Lightyear!"

We went to our ward party after that, and Cormac didn't have quite as much fun.  He didn't like the adults dressed in costume -especially not his dad!  Scott's wig scared him so much, Cormac wouldn't let Scott pick him up or even get too close all night!  It was pretty funny though, and he did like seeing the other kids' costumes.

On Halloween we did some trick or treating at Scott's office.  Cormac had a blast, and loved all the attention.  Everyone told him how cool he looked, and wanted him to say, "to infinity, and beyond!"  He even made sure to grab some candy and hand it to both me and Scott, to share  :)  Yep, he's an amazing little boy.  Some of the people there dressed up and when he saw one woman dressed as Jessie, he bolted to her and beamed up at her, and let her give him a hug.  Ridiculously cute, I know.

After that, I took him to the mall, and it was chaos.  There were lines outside many of the stores and kids EVERYWHERE!  Cormac lasted about half an hour, then he was too overwhelmed, I think.  But it was still fun for him, and he appreciated all the costumes, again.  He raced after one boy dressed as Thomas the Train, screaming "Thomas!  Thomas! Train!"  Cute, except he got pretty far away from me that time!

Of course, we haven't given him much of his hard-earned candy  :)  His pregnant mom needs it more.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sounds of Sunday

Cormac has been really hating nursery lately.  He bawls when I leave him, and often cries so much the leaders have to bring him to me...  Not fun.  He did well for months, so I don't know what's going on.  Today he made it until the end, but I could hear him crying from the hallway, multiple times.

However, when we got home he was running around saying/singing, "always, always, walk in the yiiiiiiiiiiiiight (light)."  It took me a minute to understand him, and then I smiled, realizing that something had stuck with him from class today!  Now if only he could enjoy himself while he's there.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

San Diego

We just got back from a great vacation in San Diego.  It started out a little rough, though.  About 15 minutes after we left home, Cormac threw up in the car.  We were not close to anything, so we had to do our best with wipes and water.  Thankfully, after that, we relied on dramamine and Cormac reacted well!  He did also throw up at the hotel, because he was so mad we put him in a crib all the way on the other side of the room...  Yep.  He is two.

Anyway, we split up the trip by stopping in Las Vegas on the way down, at Scott's parents' house.  Cormac was ecstatic to get out of the car, and loved swimming in their pool the next morning.  We got back on the road and finished our long drive -after about 6 more hours.  We had to stop a couple of times so I could stretch my pregnant legs, and feed my pregnant belly.  Cormac really did fine in the car though, he watched his favorite movies on the ipad -over and over.

Our first day in San Diego was spent at Sea World.  Cormac went crazy for the sharks, and had a great time.  He did get scared of some of the animal noises, which was funny.  And the shows were a little long for him, but overall he did great, and we were able to enjoy ourselves, too   :)

The next day we took a break from the sun.  We went to the Discovery Center, Science Center and Aquarium.  It was a lot of fun watching Cormac experiment with things at the Science Center, and he really loved touching things at the tidepool part of the Aquarium.

You know Cormac went nuts when he saw Nemo and Dory!

Yep, more Nemo and Dory at the Aquarium:

The next day we went to Safari Park.  We saw a bunch of exhibits, then took a tram out to the open area to see more animals.  Cormac kept asking to get out of the tram, so I don't think he liked it as much.  But Scott and I did!

From there, we went to the zoo.  Cormac was excited, but almost done with looking at animals.  Mostly he wanted to play with sticks/rocks/etc., or be carried around.  It was good it was our last big stop!

We were relieved Cormac liked being in the stroller, because he is getting way too big to carry around!  It definitely helped that it was a Lightning McQueen stroller  ;)

Saturday we went to the beach, though we didn't stay long.  Cormac was terrified of the sand and water!  And he hated getting dirty, even though we tried to show him it could be fun!  We made him stick it out a while, because Scott and I love the beach.  It was beautiful weather and the water was cold, but not icy.


Well, maybe next time Cormac will try touching the water and sand...  We won't give up on him  :)

Sunday we went to church and then walked around the San Diego Temple.  It was a beautiful day, and the temple was magnificent.  Cormac kept asking to go inside, and it was a little sad to tell him we couldn't!  Someday, though.

Cormac was fascinated by all the cars zooming by.  Thankfully the bars weren't too wide  :) 

Our trip back felt much longer, since we did it in one day.  We did stop in Las Vegas again and visit Scott's family.  We swam in their pool and it was exactly what Cormac needed.  He slept deeply as soon as we got back on the road, and we were able to make decent time on the way back -until we got stuck behind construction workers painting lines around midnight...  But we made it and overall it was a great trip!