Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day

Cormac is loving the nice warm weather, as am I.  He cries every time I make him leave the playground and come home.  If he would take a break and eat some food, I would let him stay longer!  But it sure is nice to get outside more. 

I wanted to take some pictures of Cormac on the playground by our apartment, but I think all the other moms are so excited to get their kids outside, that it will be quite crowded for the first little while.  And it's hard to take pictures of him surrounded by 15 other kids on the play structure.  I'll try and get out earlier in the morning and maybe we'll have a few minutes alone. 

Today Scott called me on his way home and it went a little like this:

"Happy Pi Day, Chels."

"Oh, are you bringing me a pie?"

"No, I don't have one.  It's Pi day.  Because it's 3-14.  You know?"

"Oh, ok.  So are you going to pick up a pie, then?"


"Doesn't sound like a very happy Pi Day to me."

We are so funny.

As far as other updates, Cormac is pretty much hating nursery.  He basically cries for two hours while he's in there, then acts like he's mad at me for making him go.  I think a few of the parents are judging me for letting him cry so much, but I can't teach him that crying makes his mom come and play with him!  And the nursery leader is great, she totally supports us and tells us it'll get better soon.  We just feel bad for the teachers and kids that have to hear him crying the whole time.  And the people in the hall.  And the people across the hall in Sunday School.  That kid has got some lungs.  But he's been doing a little better with some of our babysitters lately, so hopefully it transfers to nursery soon.