Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April weddings bring NH family trips!

We just got back from our trip to New Hampshire, and we had a great time!  We primarily went because my little brother was getting married, but we did some other fun things, too. 

Cormac did surprisingly well on the planes, though he did get sick on the shuttle to the airport.  He threw up all over us, and all three of us had to completely change our clothes before checking in.  Awesome.  At least we still had our bags and weren't stuck on a plane, right?  Poor Cormac seemed like he just got a little motion sickness, because he was fine after that.

Anyway, the day after we got in we went to Boston.  We ate some delicious seafood, then took Cormac to the New England Aquarium.  He loved it!  He adores Finding Nemo, so of course he loved the tanks with "Nemo" and "Dory," but he also loved the seahorses and was even brave enough to touch some manta rays! 

For the record, it's not easy to take good pictures in an aquarium  :)  Also, if you notice, he is wearing a different shirt in the last picture.  He got soaked petting the manta rays in the last tank!  Luckily, we have learned our lesson and always carry an extra shirt for him!

My brother's wedding/sealing was great.  Jen was beautiful, of course, and they were both so happy!  They had a ring ceremony and luncheon afterward, and it was fun to see family and friends and all celebrate together.  Cormac was, of course, the most adorable one there, and everyone wanted to talk to him and play with him.  He was a little grumpy out in the cold, but he warmed up and was the life of the party at the luncheon.

Could Cormac be any cuter??

Monday we just took it easy, but we also went to a nice, big arcade called The Space Center.  We used to go there for our birthdays all the time growing up.  Cormac loved the big playplace, and was finally brave enough to ride a mini merry-go-round.  We mostly played skeeball, but we managed one game of air hockey, and also got enough tickets to buy Cormac a couple of toys before we left.  He was nervous being away from us in that loud, flashy place, so we didn't do much on our own.  Too bad, because we were almost the only ones there!  We were hoping he'd be a bit braver and hang out with Grandma and Grandpa a little...  Still, it was fun.  Too bad we don't have a giant playplace like that near our home.

It was a fun trip, but as always, we were happy to be home.  Now, if we could just get Cormac back on Mountain Time...