Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Very Nemo Birthday

Cormac had a wonderful Nemo-inspired birthday party yesterday.  He was wicked excited to have his cousins celebrate with him.  He especially loves Brad and Aliya, and refers to them as "Baliya."  He is shy with Oakley and Rhett, but he loves playing with them, too.  Especially when he gets to show off his favorite toys!

We didn't remember to take many pictures (and when we did remember, it was a little hard with Cormac going crazy over all the Nemo stuff and birthday attention!), but we did get a few decent ones:

Grandma Dixon gave Cormac a Nemo that swims in water, and while he liked all of his presents, he carried that Nemo around for the rest of the night!  He also was more interested in the cake toppers (Nemo, Dory and Bruce) than the actual cake.  After pizza, cake and presents, we all went swimming in our pool.  It was a little cold for it though, so we didn't last long.  We came back and watched Finding Nemo -of course!

It was my birthday, also, but 28 is not nearly as fun to celebrate as 2  :)  Cormac could not believe he got to eat off a Nemo plate, drink from a Nemo cup, and wipe up spills with Nemo napkins!  He was too excited to eat, though he did have a few strawberries.

What an adorable, slightly-messy face!  We love him so much, and can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays.