Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Day With Airplanes

For Scott's birthday, I got him a flight lesson.  He was excited, but not as excited as Cormac was when he saw all the airplanes at the airport!  He couldn't wait to run over and get up close!  He did get nervous when we didn't follow him into the plane after a couple of minutes, and again when his dad flew away, but overall he had a great time.

And so did Scott!  He got to take off and fly most of the time, with the pilot helping and telling him what to do.  He admitted he'd love to fly more and take real lessons someday, so we'll put that on our bucket list  :)

I'm happy staying on the ground for now, since our little baby keeps me feeling sick most of the time still.  But it was a beautiful morning, and Cormac and I just sat outside under some trees while Scott flew.  I guess I can't really top that birthday present next year.  Scott suggested a glider flight, but I'm too chicken to let him do that.  Or skydive, or anything else more dangerous!  Maybe a nice, safe, hot air balloon ride!