Thursday, September 12, 2013

Babysitting Dictionary

My brother visited us this week and was going to babysit Cormac for us in the evening, so all that day I was trying to translate what Cormac was saying, so it would be easier for Brahms when we left.  Obviously most things I thought he could figure out, with pointing and gesturing, but there are a few words Cormac says that are not even close to the real word, or just far enough off that without a good gesture you can't quite figure it out.  So it was fun being a translator all day, and I promised Brahms I'd blog a small list of my Cormac-English dictionary that I came up with.

opee pease: open please
haw pease: help please
yesee: yes please (this one sometimes deteriorates to just "see" which kind of drives me crazy!)
rah hee: right here
tichen: either chicken or kitchen
mawsh: mouse
montersh: monsters (meaning he wants to watch Monsters Inc, of course!)
ee deeps: Sesame Street (I know, not even close)
peh head: Mr. Potato Head
up eye dow: upside down
ha papa: helicopter
ba der der: bicycle
sit pease: sit next to me and play, please!

He is two now, and figuring out tantrums, but he really is still very sweet and good.  When he gets mad, he will often hit me (more like a light slap on the leg) and I only have to tell him once that if he hits me he'll go to time-out.  (As soon as he is in time-out, he starts reaching for me and saying "hug" because he knows that is how they end!  It's hard to resist and make him sit there for a whole minute!)  He whines or cries when he's upset and we usually just have to say, "Cormac, no crying."  He'll sob it back and say, "K," and almost always stop.  He really just wants to be happy all the time!

Still, he does cry and scream in public, so errands get harder to run these days.  I don't know how people do it with two kids.  I guess I'll figure it out in a few months.  By then he'll be a perfect angel again, right??

He recently lost his appetite for a few days and I was getting pretty stressed trying to make sure he was eating healthy.  Then, brushing his teeth one night, I saw a new molar and realized that had been the problem all along!  It has been so long since he got any new teeth, I had forgotten to be watching for that kind of thing.  He already has the second of the set coming in, too, so now he just needs the last two and he'll get back to normal.  He usually gets all four of a set within a couple of weeks.

Cormac also has a toddler bed now (the front piece of his crib is off).  He has yet to get out of bed when he isn't supposed to, and it has been about two weeks.  So obedient!  He waits until we come get him in the morning after his nap, and rarely tries to get out once we put him down.  When he does, I just tell him it is time to sleep and he reluctantly puts his head down.  He still whines a little, probably because playing with Mom is so ridiculously fun, but he really doesn't put up much of a fight.  Maybe it'll get harder with the next one, but my prayer is he'll stay good and be a great example to his little brother!  It will be so fun when the next one is big enough to play with his awesome older brother Cormac!