Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween

Cormac had a lot of Halloween this year.  We took him trick or treating at the Riverwoods, the Saturday before Halloween.  He was nervous for the first store, but when he saw that he got candy just for saying "trick or treat" he was wicked excited to keep going  :)  He kept racing ahead of us to get to the next store.  It was fun to see him in awe of the other costumes, and fun for kids to point at him and say, "Mom, Buzz Lightyear!"

We went to our ward party after that, and Cormac didn't have quite as much fun.  He didn't like the adults dressed in costume -especially not his dad!  Scott's wig scared him so much, Cormac wouldn't let Scott pick him up or even get too close all night!  It was pretty funny though, and he did like seeing the other kids' costumes.

On Halloween we did some trick or treating at Scott's office.  Cormac had a blast, and loved all the attention.  Everyone told him how cool he looked, and wanted him to say, "to infinity, and beyond!"  He even made sure to grab some candy and hand it to both me and Scott, to share  :)  Yep, he's an amazing little boy.  Some of the people there dressed up and when he saw one woman dressed as Jessie, he bolted to her and beamed up at her, and let her give him a hug.  Ridiculously cute, I know.

After that, I took him to the mall, and it was chaos.  There were lines outside many of the stores and kids EVERYWHERE!  Cormac lasted about half an hour, then he was too overwhelmed, I think.  But it was still fun for him, and he appreciated all the costumes, again.  He raced after one boy dressed as Thomas the Train, screaming "Thomas!  Thomas! Train!"  Cute, except he got pretty far away from me that time!

Of course, we haven't given him much of his hard-earned candy  :)  His pregnant mom needs it more.