Sunday, February 2, 2014

Baby Russell

We love our new little addition, Russell Paul Dixon!  Cormac loves when people come over (which is rare) so he can run over and point to his brother, "Baby Russell!  He's sleeping."  He says that whether Russell is actually sleeping or not  :)  Probably because we say it so often to him... 

Russell came into this world a little early.  I had a giant kidney stone, which was too big to pass and too dangerous to blast, because I was pregnant.  So I had a stent put in, which held it in place to prevent agonizing pain.  It worked, but the stent also caused pain.  I was on pretty strong painkillers, and as a result, our doctor decided it was safest to take Russell out a little early, at 38 weeks.  We did the c-section, and everything went well with that part.  He was 6 lbs 4 oz, and 20 inches.  They were watching his breathing and moving him around to try and help, and I remember they suddenly said, "whoa!" and started laughing, because he was peeing all over them.  Classy, Russell, classy.

Russell still wasn't breathing very well though, so they had to take him into the nursery and try some things.  He was on c-pap for a while, they injected him with surfactant to help strengthen his lung, and they gave him antibiotics because they suspected pneumonia. 

It all helped but not quite enough.  They had to transfer him to Utah Valley's NICU.  There he had a chest tube put in and soon after that he really started turning around.  He was there 9 days, and it was hard not having him home with us.  But finally he came home, on oxygen and an apnea monitor. 

Russell is a feisty kid.  He already gives really great glares when he's upset, like because you gave him his binkie instead of his bottle.  When he's really mad, he only whines for about two seconds, before it turns into an angry wail, like he doesn't want to waste any time with a wimpy cry.  He's really tough, too.  His grip is very strong, and he fights adamantly when you try and change his clothes -he likes his arms pulled in against his body, and hates when we pull them away to get his shirt off  :)  Oh and he has already gained good weight -he's 8 lbs 10 oz now.

But Russell is also very sweet and happy most of the time.   He doesn't cry unless there is something wrong, so far.  He has started sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night, with one miraculous 7 hour stretch the other night.  He is very alert and his sharp little eyes have already started tracking us.  He acts like he doesn't want to sleep sometimes, for fear of missing out on something.  He'll start to doze off and then his eyes will open wide and he'll look around, like he is sure a party started right when his eyelids dropped.  He makes this funny sound when he's sleeping, like a sheep or a goat, and it cracks me up every night (though it gets less funny when it wakes us up an hour later).

I can't wait for Russell to be big enough to play with Cormac -because Cormac is already so excited to share and play with him!  He tries to give him his toys and food, which does cause me some stress.  He shoved a cheerio in Russell's mouth the other day, and looked so proud of himself when he told me he'd shared his snack.  Cormac gets a little frustrated with Russell's crying sometimes, but he has really done well so far with this transition.  Mostly being stuck inside is what is hard for him, I think.

We're hoping Russell can come off oxygen this week, and are working with his pediatrician on that.  Because his lungs were weak though, and it is flu/RSV season, we're supposed to avoid public places with him for about 5 more months.  Yikes!  Wish us luck!


Well it was a while ago, but we had a great Christmas  :)  Cormac loved opening his presents and he really enjoyed his new toys.  We enjoyed how busy they kept him, so we could relax for the day!

Cormac loved his presents, and got a little overwhelmed by it all.  I think he had more time outs in one day than ever before!  But we still had a great time.  It was fun to spoil him a little, before his new little brother came and took over everything  :)