Sunday, March 9, 2014

Early Spring

I keep waiting for it to snow again here, or even get cold!  It has been beautiful weather lately, and we've been enjoying it immensely.  Cormac loves being able to go to the park again, and see some friends.

Russell came off oxygen last month, and it has been heavenly.  Everything feels a million times easier!  We can do simple things, like walk from one room to the next, without dragging tubes and a monitor around with us.  It was a huge relief when he passed his overnight test, and we could live life untethered.  We still have to keep him away from public places for a while, but only because the flu and RSV are still pretty bad right now.  He's as healthy as any other two-month-old, and won't have any continued complications due to his lung issues from birth.

Cormac likes to give Russell hugs and kisses, and fist bumps  :)  He still gets pretty mad when Russell cries, but mostly he seems worried about Russell.  He runs over to him and says, "What's wrong?"  We took Russell in for a check-up and shots, and after Cormac realized he wasn't getting shots, he was relieved.  But he became very worried that Russell was getting them.  And when Russell screamed after getting poked, Cormac yelled, "Stop it, stop it!"  It was sweet, and I know he cares about Russell a lot.

Russell is a social boy.  He always needs to see us, or he gets upset.  If we've been gone from his view, and we walk over to him, he immediately gives us a big grin when he sees us.  He loves attention, love to snuggle, and even loves tummy-time (completely opposite of Cormac at that age!).  Russell is growing so fast.  He is just shy of 13 pounds, and is over 24 inches long.  He's in the upper end of the percentiles for weight and height (also opposite of Cormac).  We're currently trying to wean him off swaddling so he'll be able to self-soothe and sleep better at night.  He does ok, about 5 hours, and then he'll even go back to sleep after a feeding for a few more hours.  But Cormac was sleeping over 6 hours by this age, so we know he can do better!

Cormac is very helpful with Russell.  He tries to give him his binkie (even when he doesn't want it...) and gets me diapers and things when I ask.  He rarely gets jealous of the attention we give Russell, though he does sometimes ask me to put Russell down and "chase Cormac please."  Thankfully getting outside more helps him get his exercise in more easily.  Chasing him around an apartment isn't really that fun, or much exercise.

Life with two little ones is crazy, but so worth it.  We love them and can't wait for Russell to grow so they can really play together.