Tuesday, June 24, 2014

San Antonio

Scott went to San Antonio for a week for work -well, he did some work, a service project through their "give back" program, and then we had some fun.  His company flew me (and other spouses) out for the end of the week (Scott's wonderful sister watched our boys for us).  It was so much fun!  We went to a fancy dinner Thursday night together, then we all went to Sea World for the day on Friday.  That night, we found an awesome Mexican restaurant on the Riverwalk with great food and competing mariachi bands  :)

Saturday we did some exploring, saw a movie (such a luxury when you have kids!) and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe -one of our favorite places to go to in different cities.  I was basically only there for two full days, so we had to squeeze a lot of fun in to a short amount of time  :)  We succeeded!  We don't know when we'll have a vacation without our kids again, so we made sure we appreciated every second.

It was impossible not to think of our boys, of course.  Especially at Sea World.  We kept saying how much Cormac would love this or that... on the Riverwalk we kept picturing Cormac leaning too far over the water and falling in... we were looking forward to Russell's big smiles when we came home, and he did not disappoint.  He was very happy to see us.  Cormac was, too.  I was up first with him and he kept hugging me and walking away to get a toy, then coming back and hugging me :)  Then Scott came downstairs and Cormac exclaimed: "Dad, you're back!  You're back!"  He had just stopped crying (from falling and landing on a toy) and when he saw his dad he started up again... he probably missed Dad even more than Mom, since he'd been gone a whole week.

This year, instead of doing some kind of road trip for our family vacation, we're doing a "staycation."  We're looking forward to hiking with the boys, going to the new aquarium, and hopefully camping.  But it was even nicer that we got to take this trip, so it will feel like we actually got to go somewhere this year (because we did!).

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Finally sleeping again

We are sleep-training Russell.  We were very spoiled with Cormac.  He slept well anyway, and then we trained him and after one night, he slept twelve hours consistently.  It was easy, I'll admit.  Russell has been a pretty poor sleeper, and it hasn't been easy.  But he's still doing surprisingly well with sleep training.  He cried for a while the first few nights, and woke up a few times and cried some more.  Last night he slept through!  And even slept until 7am, instead of his usual 6am.  We are praying it continues!

So Russell and Cormac are now in their own rooms, which are painted and furnished.  It's been slow, but worth it to get it looking nice (and I now have a great appreciation for what professional painters do!) .  We still have to paint their bathroom, and our room and bathroom.  But we're not in a rush for that, which is nice.  Apparently owning a home means you don't get restful Saturdays anymore.  Just weekly "to-do list days."

But I do love staying home.  When I was managing I felt a little like I didn't have quite enough time for Cormac, especially once Russell came along.  Even working just 4 hours a day, I didn't like having to ignore my boys.  It was worth it, to save the money, but I'm glad it is over with.  All I miss is my friends.

We like our new ward, though.  We are now den leaders, for the wolf pack.  We're excited for it, and Cormac will definitely love being involved with all the young boys.  He'll probably just be disappointed he can't earn badges and wear a cool shirt, too  :)