Friday, July 4, 2014

The 3rd of July

We always see the fireworks on the 3rd, in North Salt Lake.  This year, Cormac was finally able to enjoy them, instead of being terrified  :)  And Russell liked them, too.  He smiled when they started and promptly fell asleep.  We played with glow sticks and light-up toys, ate junk food, and had chunks of fireworks raining down on us.

Earlier this week, Vivint had a family bbq.  They had good food, a balloon artist, and a dunk tank, among other things.  Cormac dunked Scott's boss (with his boss's help), and thought it was pretty hilarious.  Kudos to Vivint, for throwing such a fun family party.

So, for the Fourth, we'll probably just be lazy all day and stay home, away from the crowds.