Saturday, November 1, 2014


Cormac was wicked excited to be Buzz Lightyear again.  We watched a lot more Toy Story than usual in October, and he wore his costume many times before the big day.

Russell made an adorable owl!  He didn't really like wearing the costume at first, but he forgot about it pretty fast and just played with Cormac/Buzz.

I couldn't get any of Russell smiling, but I promise he did smile a lot!  He loves playing with Cormac.

I took them trick or treating at the mall and Cormac was over the moon.  He ran into a boy his age dressed as Woody, and they were inseparable.  They had so much fun trick or treating together.  And Russell was so happy watching Cormac run around.

We took them around the neighborhood, too, just a few houses.  Cormac did get scared at a couple of houses, but mostly he had a blast.  And he'll have even more fun next year, when Russ is running along behind him.  We sure love our boys!