Sunday, May 25, 2014

Back online!

We have a new house!  It’s wicked exciting, and already a lot of work.  But we love having the space and owning our own home.  It does need some updates, all new paint and we’ve had to deep clean quite a bit.  Slowly, though, it’s coming along.  We were under the impression we were getting Google Fiber soon, so we were trying to hold out getting another internet provider, but we recently found out it will be at least three more months before Fiber is available in our area.  So we got internet and oh how I have missed it!  Especially Hulu!

Cormac loves having all the space!  He runs around inside and out, and especially loves having a yard –just in time for summer!

Cormac is also a great big brother these days.  He loves to hug and kiss Russell, and is very helpful when I need him to grab me things.  He’s growing up so fast.  He says and does things that surprise me all the time.

Russell is a very happy boy.  All he needs is to see us and he lights up.  He especially loves to watch Cormac play.  He still doesn’t sleep well though.  It’s frustrating, and exhausting!  Most nights he still wakes up a few times, and not because he's hungry, he just can't soothe himself back to sleep...  We were spoiled with such an easy sleeper first, with Cormac, which probably makes it even more difficult!  But he's had a few better nights this week, so hopefully it's not a fluke, and he's make real progress  :)

Another big part of our move is that Scott got released as bishop.  It is strange and wonderful to have him home so much on Sundays –and the rest of the week!  He’ll miss his calling though, and we’ll both miss our ward.