Friday, August 1, 2014

The Zoo and The Bees

We took a trip to the zoo today, just me and the boys.  I didn’t get a lot of pictures, since I had to keep a close eye on Cormac.  But it was still fun.  Next time, we’ll bring Scott and it will be easier –and even more fun!  Cormac kept asking if Dad could come, especially when we were getting ready to leave.

Cormac did well, mostly.  He only ran away from me once…  I was just starting to think I should panic when I found him.  Thankfully he hadn’t wandered far!  Oh and he also threw up on the way there.  Guess he’s not getting over his motion sickness any time soon.  Thankfully, I’m prepared now and keep clean up stuff and spare clothes in the trunk!  However, I’d gotten forgetful and didn’t have an empty cup for him like I used to.  He’s keeping me on my toes, I guess.

Cormac was dying to see the elephants, so we didn’t stop to see much else on the way.  We were there in time for the training show, too, and he loved seeing the elephants do a few tricks.  He didn’t understand why I wanted to leave and see more animals afterward  J  That was also where he ditched me.  There were steps down to a lower viewing area, and he darted down without a word, and ran to the other side. I couldn’t see him, and couldn’t get a stroller down the stairs.  But he popped up on the other side.  I gave him a talking to…  And it must have worked, because when he started to run away a little while later, I called to him and he (sullenly) came right back.

Cormac’s second favorite was the river otter exhibit.  He ran back and forth with them while they swam across the tanks.  He got even more excited every time some kids came through and saw the otters.  He started shouting, “They’re otters!  They’re otters!”  If the kids ignored him, he checked with me, to make sure he was saying it right  ;) 

He was really hoping to see the polar bear, but they were cleaning the tank/habitat when we were there.  He still had fun saying hi to the “screw drivers” (aka, scuba divers!).

We had all had enough after a couple of hours, though.  The walk back to the front was the hardest part.  Cormac was walking slowly and getting distracted by all the animals we were passing.  We did have to stop at the elephants again! 

Russell did well, too.  He loves to be outside, so he was content most of the time.  He was ready to go at the end, too, though.  Needed a nap in the car.  The zoo was too loud for him to sleep in the stroller, I guess.

Thankfully, Cormac did fine on the ride home.  We sang songs while Russell slept the whole time.  Then, Cormac took a 4 hour nap when we came home!  I would have woken him up, but we were going to be up late at the Bee’s (AAA baseball) game.

That was fun, too!  Russell loves to be outside, so he was happy, even if he was tired.  And Cormac was excited to see the foul balls come so close.  He was pretty sad he didn't get one, though.  Maybe next time  :)  We only stayed until the 7th inning.  Both of the boys were getting too antsy.  That's the nice thing about free tickets from Scott's boss -we don't have to feel bad leaving early  :)