Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Very Thomas Birthday

The day Cormac has been waiting for finally came... his Thomas birthday party!  He did not take a nap yesterday, and every time I went in to check on him (because he was kicking the wall, singing loudly, etc.) he asked if it was time for his party  :) 

We had Thomas and trains everywhere.  Train tracks up to the front door, a photo train of Cormac, and a snack train on the table -Cormac really wanted to drive it around and was pretty upset when I said it had to stay on the table!

Every time someone showed up, Cormac ran to the door and freaked out.  He was so excited to have Dixons AND Billadeaus in one place, too.  Even a little while into the party, he kept telling me, "Mom, Grandma and Grandpa are here!  Mom, Brad and Aliya and Rhett are here!"

Cormac could barely control himself when we brought out the cake.  We had to bat his hands away quite a bit  ;)   He was also a little confused when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday."  He just looked around at everyone, until we said "to Cormac," and then he looked up at his dad and grinned from ear to ear!  It was adorable.

Check out the massive amounts of frosting on that (store-bought) cake!  The coal car was actually cake inside, so I gave it to Cormac.  He was extremely excited to EAT a train!  But mostly he just wanted to play with the toy Thomas.

The kids played with Cormac's new train table for a while and Cormac was over the moon.  And later he was literally crying when they had to go home (granted, partially from exhaustion).  He kept saying, "But I want my party!  Please don't go!"

It was tricky lighting for pictures, but the smiles were too good to for me to care.  Cormac had a blast and we were so happy to have so much family to celebrate with us.

I can't believe our Cormac is already three years old!  He has grown up so fast.  He is so smart and such a happy boy.  He pushes our buttons sometimes, but he really is still a very sweet boy.  He loves trains, obviously, and loves elephants.  He loves to play with other kids, but he's also still kind of a mama's boy.  He knows all his letters and most of the sounds they make.  He is learning sight words and likes to play matching/memory games.  He likes to play outside, especially with water and with bugs.  He also loves his little brother and helps us take care of him.  I know when Russell is big enough to run around with Cormac, they will be best friends.