Friday, August 22, 2014

Day at the Farm

My mom skipped her last day of education week and we went to the Farm at Thanksgiving Point.  Cormac loved it!  He was a little too excited to stay with me the whole time, so he had to be scolded and have a time-out once, but he was mostly just too excited  :)  Russell loved it, too!  He loves being outside and watching Cormac have fun anywhere.

Cormac could have fed this guy grass all day.  He just sat there forever, and was totally mad when we made him move on  :)  He wouldn't even feed the tiny cute goats right next to him.

It was not easy to get Cormac away from the horses, either.  He wanted to ride all of them.  He did ask to hold my hand, instead of holding on with both.  Cute little mama's boy!

What a fun day!  All the way home, Cormac kept reminding us he got to ride a horse and feed a goat.  We'll probably have to do that again sometime!