Sunday, August 31, 2014


Scott took some time off and we had a week jam-packed with fun!  Cormac and Russell loved it, but it was also pretty exhausting for them.  We had to slow down after a few days  :)  Settle in, because this is a wicked long post, with a ton of pictures!

Monday we went to the aquarium.  It opened pretty recently and we've been saving it.  And it was pretty great!  We have been to a lot of aquariums, even without the kids, so we feel like it's safe to say it's up there with some of our favorites.  We would have liked more areas where Cormac could touch animals, but other than that it was pretty well done.



Then we went to lunch at Chuck E Cheese.  Cormac had never been anywhere like that before, and he was over the moon about it all -he even liked the animatronic show, which creeped me out as a kid!

After the boys took their naps, we went to the park for a bit.  Cormac was ecstatic about having both his parents there.  He always wants someone to watch him climb or slide or whatever, and my attention is divided between him and Russell.  So this was a fun treat for him!  And as usual, Russell was just happy to be along for the ride.  He also loves being outside, so he's usually happy for quite a while if he can be outdoors.  Such a good baby!

Yep, Monday was great.  Tuesday we went to This is the Place Heritage Park.  It was a little hard to get Cormac to do anything besides ride the train over and over.  He's still pretty obsessed, if you couldn't tell from my post about his birthday party...  But there were plenty of other things to do and see there.

(Cormac's first ice cream cone!)

Notice how I'm usually with Cormac, and Russell is usually with his dad?  These days, Russell is so adamant about that.  He is just crazy about his dad -which works out well, since Cormac is such a mama's boy!

Wednesday we went to the Museum of Curiosity, also something we've been saving for this week.  It started out a little weak, with some rooms that Cormac had little interest in.  But then he loved the "movement" room, and the outdoor stuff.  I was impressed he was brave enough to try the zip line!  He's usually such a little chicken.  But he loved it and wanted to stay there for a while.  The indoor pictures aren't great, because of the lighting, and we're not professional photographers  :)

(The circle on the table is spinning.)

(You're supposed to push on the table and smoke will come out of the circle in the middle, in a big puff, but Cormac was really annoyed because he couldn't push the table himself.)

(You can't see it, but wind is rushing down on them at 80+ mph.)

(You can kind of see the air pushing around his shirt -he was scared at first, then thought it was hilarious!)

For lunch, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Mmmm, delicious (to quote Cormac... who had mac and cheese).  Then we walked over to Scheels to explore.  They have a ton of stuff, and a bowling alley, shooting games, a huge fish tank and a ferris wheel.

Thursday morning we went hiking in Payson on the Nebo Scenic Loop.  We did a short hike to a small waterfall, on the Grotto Trail, and then did part of the Blackhawk Trail.  Cormac didn't last as long as we thought (lots of whining to be picked up), but he really enjoyed all the little log bridges along the way, and he liked singing with us and picking up sticks.  Russell was completely content in the hiking pack.  Best of both worlds for him -outdoors and stuck to his dad!  It was really pretty up there, too.  A few signs of the coming autumn season already...  So here's Grotto:

(Cormac kept running ahead, so we'd yell to him, and he'd turn and yell back, "Huh?!" -Like he had no idea why we'd be calling to him to stop and come back...)

And here's Blackhawk:

For dinner that night, we had pizza from one of our favorite places, Malawi's.  Then we went bowling (Cormac's first time!) at the Provo Beach Resort and got ice cream.

Cormac had a lot of fun and kept asking if we could go back again.  We definitely need to.  Scott and I haven't bowled in a while and we were pretty rusty!  Embarrassing for former BYUI Intramural Champs!

Friday morning we went to the Provo Rec Center and went swimming.  I don't have any pictures, for obvious reasons, but it was fun, and an impressive Rec Center.  The pool area has a kid spot with slides and water jets and buckets all over.  There is also a lap pool, and a pool under a rock-climbing wall.  But our favorite was the lazy river.  And once we got a life jacket on Cormac, and gave him some time to warm up to it, he was cruising all around that river on his own pretty much.  Our little "chicken boy" is growing up!  Russell got a jacket, too, and was completely content to lie back and stare at his dad  :) 

Saturday we rode the Heber Creeper!  Cormac was excited to ride a train, of course, but I don't think he understood it was going to be a real train.  Once we got there, and he saw it, it was hard to keep him from just running on without us.  Someone's dog distracted him for a while, but once it was time to board he just grinned and laughed and grinned some more as we found our seats.  Cute boy.

(This guy robbed our train...  Scott's old English teacher from high school!)

(Cormac was wicked excited to say hi to a real conductor!)

(Cormac took this picture.)

(And this one.)

(Cormac was not happy when he realized we were headed back.)

Saturday night we kind of camped...  we roasted hot dogs over our fire pit, and then slept in the tent, in our living room.  It was pretty cool this weekend, so we didn't want Cormac to get too cold outside.  And we really didn't expect him to last all night.  But he did!  We put Russell to bed, watched a movie, and Cormac really only wiggled around for about 15 minutes.  And then he slept through the whole night.  Scott and I woke up a few times...  Even five comforters underneath you doesn't make for a very soft bed...

We're glad we get a bonus day with Dad tomorrow, but the boys will really miss having him around all the time -especially Russell.  Whenever we're all together, he is constantly trying to get to his dad.  He gives me looks that say, "Why are you holding me, when Dad is right there?"  Guess we'll need another vacation again soon!