Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mobile Russell

Russell started army crawling a couple of weeks ago, which made him even faster.  Now he is starting to crawl on all fours, and he gets across the house very quickly!  We'll have to start being more vigilant about leaving things out -and watching him more carefully.

Could those blue eyes be more beautiful??  Nope.

Cormac must like that Russell can get around better, because lately he has been playing with him more.  He shares his toys and wants Russell to come outside, or in his tunnel, etc.  It makes me even more excited for Russell to be able to walk, so they can really play together.

Cormac also loves to take pictures whenever I pull the camera out.  Here are his latest shots:

Oh and we have a new addition to the family, Wayne the bat.  He lives above our porch.  Fun that he eats the bugs, not fun that his "leavings" cover our front step...