Friday, December 26, 2014


Christmas was even more fun this year, now that Cormac is old enough to get excited about things he knows are coming up.  We counted down every day and when we were in the single digits, he woke up every morning with the same question, "Is it Christmas now?"

The Sunday before Christmas we decorated "trees" out of ice cream cones.  Russell only got to watch, but Cormac did pretty well with his.  He copied mine, which was flattering  ;)  Brahms and Sonia were staying with us, so they got to join in, too.

Christmas Eve we let the boys open one present.  We couldn't keep any presents under the tree, because Russell kept trying to rip at the paper, so during Cormac's nap we put just one under the tree and he was wicked excited when he came downstairs and saw it (immediately).  We all go new PJs, and the boys got a new book (which I won in a raffle on KUED kids facebook page -shout out!).

Christmas morning came early.  Cormac slept in to his normal time, but Russell decided to wake up at 6:30.  About an hour earlier than normal for him... nice, huh?  But we still had fun.  We took turns opening presents so Cormac could see that some things didn't belong to him  :)  And this year we had Cormac get presents for the rest of us, and he really liked watching us open them (he also told us what they were... so we'll work on that next year).  He was especially excited about mine, probably because he wanted to play with it, but Scott told me when they were shopping he was very certain it was perfect for me.  Adorable.  I also picked out something "from Russell" and when Cormac traded with his brother he was so delighted (it was little sharks/dolphins/etc.) he hugged and thanked Russell a couple of times, without prompting.  All in all, lots of fun, and Cormac might have learned a little about the joy of giving.

We also got a white Christmas!  We've only had a couple of light dustings so far this year, so it was really exciting to wake up to snow.  And it snowed all day.  We got about 5 inches by nightfall.

The snow we woke up to... just the beginning!

And here's a picture Scott took, for a contest at Vivint.  He won first place, so obviously I have to share it  :)

We couldn't have asked for a better Christmas.  We are so blessed to have our wonderful boys, a beautiful new home, great families and the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.  I love celebrating his birth this time of year.  It is a great reminder to try and live our lives like He did, and show love to everyone.

We're looking forward to a great 2015.  Time sure flies when you are blessed beyond measure.