Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rachel and Derek's Wedding

Scott's youngest sister got married on Saturday, and it was great to celebrate with everyone!  The boys did pretty well for a while, but they got a little crazy at the reception.  Even when they were good though, we didn't get any pictures, really.  Hopefully we'll get some nice ones from Rachel eventually...  ;)  But here are a few shots we took right before the reception.

We didn't even get any pictures of the happy couple, since we had to keep an eye on our little monsters.  But Cormac was mesmerized by Rachel.  He kept telling me she was a real princess, and asking if I would help him talk to her -he was too nervous to do it alone!  And for a while, he just wanted to stand by her and hold her hand.  It was really sweet.  We didn't stay too long at the reception , since the boys were exhausted and really showing it  :)   But overall it was a great day and we are so happy for Rachel and Derek.

February Holidays

We went a little crazy celebrating the many holidays in February.  But they were just too good to pass up!  Cormac started getting pretty excited whenever I told him I had a surprise for him  :)

First was Groundhog day!  I showed Cormac a news clip of the groundhog, but he didn't really care.  Wild Kratts had a groundhog on though, and he liked that.  But we did make a groundhog craft, and had pudding cups with groundhogs in them!

Next was Valentine's Day!  Russell is still too young to do most of this stuff, but he loves to snack and watch  :)  I found some printable stuff for Cormac to do with conversation hearts, and he was pretty excited to be told "play with your food."  These sheets occupied him for at least an hour.

We also had a Mardi Gras party!  Our friends Mirah and Allie came over to celebrate, too.  We made masks and fruit loop necklaces (yellow, purple and green).  Then we watched Princess and the Frog and had kid-friendly slightly-southern food -popcorn chicken and mac and cheese.

We got to celebrate Chinese New Year, too!  We made a spin-drum, a dragon puppet and did some coloring.  We also picked up some yummy Chinese food and watched Mulan.


Russell tries to grab the camera whenever I take it out, so I get a lot of shots like this!

We had a great time with all our holidays!  Too bad St. Patrick's Day is so far away...  We'll have to find something else in the meantime!