Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pirate Parrrrrrrty

We had an awesome party for Cormac's 4th birthday! All of his cousins (within driving distance) came, which was probably his favorite part. He kept asking, all week, if they were ALL coming. He sure loves his family  :)

We started out dressing up with some pirate gear. We got pirate names, bandanas, eye patches and tattoos. Cormac loved that we all looked like pirates! If he'd been older, we would have worked on pirate lingo, too ;) We had Jake and the Neverland Pirates playing, too, so the kids could watch it while everyone got dressed up.

We had tons of pirate food, too.

We played pin the tail on the crocodile, Pirate Plinko, and made Pixie Dust necklaces (with pixie sticks).


Then the kids went crazy throwing sponge balls at each other, and some of the adults.

It was tricky lighting and blowing out the candle outside, because of the breeze, but Cormac managed! And the kids loved eating the eyes and mustaches off the pirate cupcakes!

Last, there was a treasure hunt. The kids ran around following the map, and found gold doubloons and a treasure chest full of goodies for them to take home.

Oh and presents, of course. He got awesome gifts from his thoughtful family. He opened presents on his actual birthday from us, and my parents, so he really got spoiled this year! Almost a whole week of celebrating his birthday!

Cormac sure is blessed to have such a fun family to spend special days with. We’re so glad everyone could come and make his day awesome! (Shea, Gretel and Julissa made it, too, but they had to leave early so I didn't get pictures of them.)

And thanks to everyone who grabbed my camera and took a few shots! A well-documented day  :)