Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cormac's friends

Cormac has a lot of imaginary friends, and sometimes his explanations and stories just make me laugh out loud.  I've been telling some of his tales to family/friends and I realized I had to record some of my favorites (I'll probably come back and add some later, too!):

As we were praying before getting into bed, he said his octopus friend was going to pray, too.  He waved him over and said, “Come here.  Come fold your eight arms.”

One day we were walking in the door after going to the store.  He stopped as I entered after him.  “Ah! Mom! Don’t step on the cat!”  (We do not have any pets…)

Scott got Cormac out of bed one morning and Cormac asked him to carry him downstairs.  Scott picked him up and started to leave his room, when Cormac said, “Wait!  You have to pick up Mike Wazowski, too!”

One night I was getting Russell ready for bed, and Cormac was standing next to me.  He suddenly burst out laughing and said, “Mom, the cat is tickling my foot!”

We were about to go for a walk and Cormac seemed unsure about whether he wanted to come.  He asked if Ant could come (I think this is Ant from Word World on PBS).  I said he could, so Cormac leaned down with his hands cupped and acted like he was carrying him.  He stayed like that while we walked for about 10 minutes.  Then he asked if Ant could ride in the stroller, because he was tired of carrying him.

I think these are so funny to me because it’s all so real to Cormac!  He really thinks his imaginary friends are there.  He talks to them, carries them, feeds them, etc.  I think most of them are from movies/shows that he sees, but sometimes it’s just a random animal –and usually animals or other cartoons.  I don’t think he’s ever had a human imaginary friend.  Thankfully he has a few real ones  ;)