Monday, December 21, 2015

The Boys

I haven't written much about how the boys are doing lately, so there won't be any fun pictures in here, just a normal update. Mostly for me, but I'm happy to share with you, if you want to read on...

Cormac sang in sacrament meeting with the primary and did great! First of all, he went up all on his own, so that was a big step! I was so proud of him for going up and not needing me to walk him there (or stay with him!). The children sang "la la la" alone with the prelude music and he started getting really excited to see all of his friends come up and surround him, so he started singing louder, which started the children around him singing louder... It was just before the song started, so thankfully it was cute, and didn't get too irreverent  :)  He kind of forgot the words when the real song started, but he smiled and "la la'd" his way through it. He didn't even panic when he got off the stage on the wrong side, and couldn't find us for a minute.  Big day for him!  I was pretty proud, and it gives me hope that his anxiety will be something he can handle as he gets older.

Russell has started saying quite a few more words, just in the last month or so.  He still doesn't say a lot of real words, but we can figure a lot of them out.  "Seesaw" is "surprise" -I don't know why, and it took a little while to figure that one out!  But it's pretty cute, and I might be a little sad when he figures out how to really say that one. His Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for about a week, and he started saying "Gahmuh" and "Gahpuh." My favorite new word is "Cohwah" -Cormac! He was just saying "Cuh" or something for a while, so it's fun that he's getting closer to saying his whole name.  I also think it's fun that he mostly calls me "Mom" -not Mama. It makes him sound grown up. But he calls his dad "Daddy" (he recently got that second "d" in there... it was "Dah-ee" for a while). Also adorable. He is really good at pointing, and just learned the word "no" (already says "ya" --we're working on "yes"), so he does communicate pretty well. He can say "show" when he wants to watch tv, "car" when he wants to go somewhere, "hewp" when he needs help... we hear that one a lot!

Cormac thinks he wants to wrestle with Russ a lot, but he usually wants to stop before Russ does, so he ends up getting mad or hurt or something. Russ would wrestle all day if we let him, I think! He is a rough-and-tumble boy, for sure. Cormac likes to roughhouse a little, but he's mostly a gentle boy. It's fun to have such different personalities, but also a little surprising! I hope they can find common ground as they get older, so they can stay friends.

They are growing up so fast! I know everyone says that, but sometimes, doesn't it feel faster than it used to?? College semesters felt like an eternity, so why does time seem to fly by now?

What I'd really like is for Cormac to gain 4 lbs, so he can move up to a booster and his brother can have his car seat! I don't want to have to buy another one, when Cormac should get those pounds in just a couple more months, right? Maybe. He's pretty skinny. I just hope when we turn Russell around, he doesn't develop carsickness, like his brother did. It makes errands much more stressful.

I just hope I can keep up with them. Russell also doesn't sleep well, and it's exhausting. We're trying some new things, and so far not much is helping. It's sooo early to drop his nap, but if we have to, to get him to sleep through the night, I guess we'll do it.  Yikes. Cormac has always been such a good sleeper, we have no idea what else to do with Russell!

Good thing we love them, and it makes it all worth it. They are both very sweet, most of the time, and I can't imagine our home without them. I thank our Heavenly Father for them every day.