Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas at the Dixons

We got together with all the Dixons Christmas evening. We had great food, then exchanged gifts. The children had a blast, and the adults exchanged some great stuff. Our theme this year was your own favorite things, so it was fun to see what everyone got each other. Good times!

Another great get-together with the crazy Dixon clan! We are so blessed to have such a great family.

Christmas morning

Christmas sure was fun this year! Scott and I bought our Christmas gifts early, so we didn't open much of anything on Christmas. (We got a new printer, a new HUGE tent, and a paint sprayer.) But the boys had a blast and got some great stuff.

Here's our Christmas Eve shot, in our new PJs!

Santa brought them each one toy, and the rest were from Mom and Dad, Grandparents, etc. My favorite was that they picked out presents for each other, and both loved them!

It was a great morning! We had our traditional breakfast of aebleskivers and bacon after opening presents. Delicious  :)  Then we had a lazy morning watching movies and playing with new toys. Christmas like it should be, right?