Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cormac, 4.5 years old

I need to keep track of memories somewhere, so this is a good enough place. Today, Cormac's preschool teacher told me that Cormac has become quite the little leader in class. She said that kids want to do whatever he's doing, and compete to be able to partner with him. She said they want to sit at his table and work with him. She has them partner up for clean-up time, and two boys fight over who gets to be Cormac's partner. I bet he loves it!

The other day I realized it was Cormac's (and my) half-birthday. So I told him he was now 4-and-a-half years old. He exclaimed, "Thank you, Mom!" and gave me a huge hug. He is always excited to be bigger/older/stronger/faster, etc. He even wants to weigh more, especially when I told him it meant a brand new car seat (booster).

He is crazy about memorizing scriptures. I print and laminate cards for him, and he gets to practice them each night after we read scriptures together. He is so proud of himself when he memorizes them, and he immediately asks me to get him a new one. The primary is encouraging the kids to memorize the theme scripture each month, and giving them a prize if they do so. Guess how much Cormac loves that?? He knows them within the first week. And in between learning new ones, we have him review all his old ones, so he can keep them fresh. I'm so impressed with his mind! I have to follow along on most of the cards, to make sure he's right  :)

He is also learning to sound out words and read. The only bad thing is he tries to read his scripture cards, and can't, so it messes him up when he tries to recite them  :)  But he really is doing better reading. I bought him some special early reader books and told him Mom and Dad can't read them to him, we can only help him read them. So every now and then we work through them, and though he gets distracted by the pictures and tries to tell his own stories, he likes trying to read and is really improving. He also loves when I make him sight word games.

Cormac is FINALLY starting to write. He hasn't wanted to for quite a while, so he wasn't making much progress that way. I encourage him to trace things, use stencils, color, etc., but just recently he stopped saying "I can't" when I've asked him to write something on his own. He has some sight word flashcards, and he will flip one over and write it on his magnetic doodlepad. And his letters are looking pretty good! It does make me hate how many different fonts there are -and why do "a" and "t" and "g" have to be so weird when typed?? He tries to draw the little curve at the bottom of the lowercase "t" and then gets confused about what letter it is... But anyway, great improvement. I can't wait to see where he is at the end of the year. I was worried he'd be bored in preschool, but he loves it. Props to his teacher! I hope he loves kindergarten as much next year.

Cormac has developed some more attitude. He gets this grumpy stinkface when he's mad and keeps it on for a while. It's hard not to laugh at him when he's mad about something ridiculous. But he's very good at apologizing, and always tells me he loves me (and that he likes me -I think he might think that's better??"). He even tells me he wants to marry me, so he never has to leave me. Hopefully he gets over that...  ;)  He is also very good at protecting Russell. Even though they fight all the time at home, when they are at a friend's house, he will not let anyone pick on Russell. He comes up and says to the child's mom, "Excuse me, please tell him/her to be nice to my brother!" I love how fiercely he loves and protects him... not that Russ usually needs it. I really hope they stay good friends. In those rare moments they play nicely together, it really warms my heart! I love them fiercely, too.