Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hike to Silver Lake... or close to it

Yesterday we hiked the trail to Silver Lake in American Fork Canyon. We didn't quite make it to the lake, though. We got about 2 miles up and found a lot of snow, which was too slippery for the boys, who were also really tired at that point. So we turned around and went back. But it was a lot of fun, and the boys did way better than we thought! Cormac hiked the whole way up and back without being carried, and only whined a little when we were nearly done. Russell hiked all the way up and we made him get in the hiking backpack on the way down. He was too slow (picking up every stick/rock) and we didn't want to take too long getting back. We knew we were probably getting a little sunburned... the trail wasn't as shaded as we remembered -it wasn't quite spring up there yet! Luckily the boys barely got burned, since there was shade from bushes and they wore clothing that covered them well... better than me! But now I'm ready for summer. I learned my annual lesson  :)

We didn't take many pictures, since we were both holding on to little boys who trip a lot. We had to cross two streams, and sadly I fell in the second one (though thankfully not while holding a little boy!). And Scott lost his glasses  :(  So it became a $200+ hike. But we really did have fun! And it's a good trail, so we'll definitely take the boys back again sometime. Perhaps in June one year when the snow is gone, and definitely with sunscreen!

Here are some of the pictures we did take, on the hike and on the drive back (the lake is Silver Lake Flat, the reservoir below Silver Lake). It was a beautiful area, and luckily we were leaving when everyone else was showing up!

Now, what should we do for Memorial Day??

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fun Run

Our neighborhood had a 5k/Fun Run fundraiser this weekend, and we did the Fun Run with our boys. Ever since I ran my 5k a couple of weeks ago, Cormac has been asking me to let him race, too. I didn't think he was ready for a 5k, even if we walked some of it, so we signed up for the Fun Run (1 mile). I'm really glad, because it was hard enough for him! He was running pretty well, until he tripped and fell, and then he wouldn't run anymore -even though he was fine, no scrapes or anything. It was raining the whole time though, so it might have dampened his spirits a little. He was pretty competitive at first, and sped up whenever someone was about to pass us. It would have been cute, except he was kind of getting mad about it, and I had to talk to him about sportsmanship... It was hard for him to understand why he didn't HAVE to be first, even though it was a race. But he did start back up running at the very end, so he could run through the balloon finish line. Russ and Scott were farther back, but Russ ran to me at the finish line, too, and he had a blast. We'll have to do it again next year!

This is before the race.

It was raining harder at the end, so we didn't pull our camera out. And then we had to walk home in the rain, too. But we warmed the boys up with hot cocoa and watched a movie together after. It was a great day!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cormac's Preschool Graduation

Ok, so it's not like he could fail or something, but it was still fun to celebrate his preschool graduation! He learned so much this year and grew socially and made some great friends. His two best friends will be going to the same school as him next year, so we're really hoping they are in class together!

Russell was bored most of the time, but still adorable, of course.

Cormac will really miss his teacher, Miss Nikki. He loves her so much! And she was so good for him. She helped him feel comfortable when he was too nervous to stay without me, which is a big deal for Cormac. I hope she teaches still when Russell is old enough in a couple of years!

The program was cute. There was a slideshow, then the kids all had parts. Miss Nikki said she gave Cormac his part specifically because she knew he would speak clearly even with the couple of big words he had... so of course, he got up and spoke in a weird, garbled voice, just to be funny! She stopped him though, and he said it right.... silly boy!  

"During Mad Science March, we became scientists. Scientists know a hypothesis is... a guess that you can test!" The class joined him for that last part, and it was great!

At the end, Miss Nikki said a few things about each student. Cormac was ok being in the spotlight. He's not too shy about stuff like that.

Afterward, we took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese -Cormac's choice. He has wanted to go back there ever since we went about 2 years ago. Thankfully, the pizza is better than it was when I was a kid  :)  We had a great time celebrating Cormac. I'm just glad the next graduation is far, far away. I don't even want to think about him growing up!! Love that sweet, sweet, boy.