Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our Trip to New England

We took a 10-day trip to New England, and really packed in the fun. It was Russell's first flight, and the first that Cormac remembered. We gave them backpacks full of fun stuff and snacks, and they both did awesome.

We went to Vermont first. We had an awesome breakfast at a place I used to go to with my family.

 Then we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial. We saw the monument, then walked around the back trail. The boys' favorite part was finding little newts all over, because it had just rained. We also stopped in Sharon just to walk around a bit before leaving.

Next, we went to the Ben and Jerry's factory. The tour was ok. They were cleaning the place, instead of making ice cream, so that was a bummer. But the boys loved eating ice cream and playing at the playground. They liked the Flavor Graveyard a lot, too.

Tuesday we went to Cannon Mountain and rode the tram up. We hiked around and went back down, and discovered a flat tire. Thankfully, my dad was with us, and he'd had his eye on that tire because of a previous issue. He fixed it and we had lunch, then we went to Franconia Notch. This is easily one of the coolest places I've ever been, and I've wanted to go back ever since I went for a school fieldtrip when I was a kid. The boys loved hiking up the boardwalks and seeing the waterfall and everything. It's such a beautiful place!


No pictures, but we also went candlepin bowling after all of this. It's a Billadeau tradition! And it's one thing I really miss. Someone needs to open a candlepin place in Utah! The boys had a great time, and since we let them use the ball ramp, they scored just as high as everyone else  :)  Then we went to one of my parents' favorite restaurants, and had some excellent food. Mmmm, oh how I missed fresh seafood!

Wednesday morning we hiked Mt. Kearsarge. That was our go-to hike growing up, so it was fun to take my little family up there. My dad and my brother Ry came with us. Russell really liked hiking with Ry, and Cormac loved racing ahead with his grandpa. We didn't take a lot of pictures, since Russell needed someone to hold his hand the whole time. The boys both hiked the entire thing though, which was great.

We didn't take our camera with us in the afternoon, but we went to an arcade and then a park. The boys had the arcade to themselves, since it was in the afternoon, mid-week, when kids are in school. They played some games and got enough tickets for a couple of prizes (side note: it's a little sad that arcades are moving to the ticketless system! I guess it's cheaper than printing tickets, to just load them on a card, but it's so fun to have the tickets spill out at the end!!). Anyway, we went to a park in Concord where my family always used to play, and it's even nicer than when I went as a kid. The boys could have run around for hours there, if we'd let them stay longer. It did take three of us (Scott, me, and my mom) to watch them though, since it's a big park. Fun to have them play where I always played though!

Thursday we went to Boston with my mom. We rode the subway in, which was probably Cormac's favorite part. Then we went to the Museum of Science. It had changed a little since I'd been when I was a kid! There was a ton of awesome interactive stuff throughout the entire museum. My favorite part was the musical stairs, probably because that was what I remembered most from when I went... Anyway, not a lot of great pictures, since it was inside and the kids were bouncing around  :)

We made it back in time to have dinner at Ry's place, with his wonderful wife, Jen. They made delicious pizza and the boys loved spending some time with them. They both talked about Ry and Jen for a while after the trip. They asked when they could visit them again, and if they could come to our house (and play with their toys with them). So fun to have my family spend time together!

Friday we went on a Whale Watch. My mom and Ry came. It was great! We saw 5 humpback whales, and 5 dolphins. The boys loved being on a boat, and eating every single snack we packed. Guess the ocean air made them hungry! It was about 4 hours, and Cormac slept a little at the end (possibly due to the dramamine I gave him). It was another thing I hadn't done since I was a kid, so I really loved it, too.  Then we went to an estuary with a discovery center. It had great hands-on stuff for the boys, and it was really pretty out there.

Saturday we drove to Maine to see my brother Brock and his family. We met at a Corn Maze and had a blast. The boys couldn't get enough of the jumping pillow! Then we went to the beach and walked around for a while. It was really pretty, and nice to catch up with family.

Russell's fake sad face

Cormac fell in the water and panicked for a bit... then got over it

The boys loved playing with their cousins. Russell kept asking me what the "little one's" name was, then telling me he liked him (Ash). And Cormac said he wanted Sephi and Mace to come play at our house. When I told him it was pretty far away, he said Brock's family should just live closer  :)

What a great trip! We packed in a lot, so we were pretty beat by the end of it (especially Russell, who missed his nap most days!). But it was all worth it. It was great to spend time with family, and visit New England. There are plenty of things we didn't even have on our to-do list, but you have to save something for next time, right?