Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pi Day

I don't know why this holiday has become so fun to me, but it has! Yesterday we celebrated with doing things circle-related all day. The boys loved it, and it was fun that Russell understood what a circle was, so he kind of got the theme for the day!

Breakfast was pancakes. Mine come out more like ovals, but the boys were happy to call them circles with me. And they don't like syrup, funny kids.

Then the boys had a bubble bath, because, you know, bubbles are circles  :)  I don't let them have bubbles a lot, because it makes them a little crazy. But they loved it, and even talked about bubbles being circles!

Snack was cheese balls!

Oh and we played ring around the rosie. Russ was a little upset that we kept falling down at first, but then he got the game and laughed along with us, and wouldn't stop playing  :)  Cute boy.

Lunch was pupusa's at El Mexsal's. Cormac was skeptical, but he realized they are a lot like quesadillas, which he loves! Russ eats everything so he scarfed his down, then tried to escape the booth the rest of the time we were there. Ah, toddlers.

We made circle and pi art after nap time. My favorite was a Pi skyline (Pinterest -he graphed the first 20 numbers of pi). Cormac liked it, too. "It's like New York City!"

We also watched an episode of Word World, "Pies, Pies, Pies."

And after dinner, we had peanut butter creme pies. Thank you Little Debbie  :) They were way better than the oatmeal ones, and way bigger.

We will have to keep some of these traditions, especially the pupusas! Hooray for Pi Day!