Sunday, March 27, 2016


The boys had a great time hunting for eggs. Russell actually found more than Cormac. They had a small egg hunt at church on Friday, and I think Russell remembered how much he loved the treats inside -motivation! The hunt was more exciting for Cormac. He wanted to find the "sneaky ones." Anyway, they found them quickly, since I didn't hide very many. (And no, I didn't coordinate their shirts to match their baskets -just lucky, I guess!)

Big surprise for them, though -I didn't put any candy inside this year! They had plenty from church the other day, and we'll have treats for Conference next week, so I just did small toys. They loved the balloons. I'll definitely remember to do that again next year. They played with them forever!

The extra basket had some small stuff, like books, squirt guns, juice boxes, and a little candy. They played with that stuff for a little bit, then went back to the balloons. They love when we blow them up and let them go whizzing around. Cormac can do it himself now, too, so there were balloons flying everywhere!

We dyed eggs, too. Our first time with the boys. I've never been brave enough... I figured the mess wouldn't be worth it! But they did well. I heard about using whisks and I think it helped, though the bowls were just barely too small. Still, no dropped/rolling eggs and no spilled bowls, so big win! And they loved seeing the colors on the eggs.