Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cormac's Preschool Graduation

Ok, so it's not like he could fail or something, but it was still fun to celebrate his preschool graduation! He learned so much this year and grew socially and made some great friends. His two best friends will be going to the same school as him next year, so we're really hoping they are in class together!

Russell was bored most of the time, but still adorable, of course.

Cormac will really miss his teacher, Miss Nikki. He loves her so much! And she was so good for him. She helped him feel comfortable when he was too nervous to stay without me, which is a big deal for Cormac. I hope she teaches still when Russell is old enough in a couple of years!

The program was cute. There was a slideshow, then the kids all had parts. Miss Nikki said she gave Cormac his part specifically because she knew he would speak clearly even with the couple of big words he had... so of course, he got up and spoke in a weird, garbled voice, just to be funny! She stopped him though, and he said it right.... silly boy!  

"During Mad Science March, we became scientists. Scientists know a hypothesis is... a guess that you can test!" The class joined him for that last part, and it was great!

At the end, Miss Nikki said a few things about each student. Cormac was ok being in the spotlight. He's not too shy about stuff like that.

Afterward, we took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese -Cormac's choice. He has wanted to go back there ever since we went about 2 years ago. Thankfully, the pizza is better than it was when I was a kid  :)  We had a great time celebrating Cormac. I'm just glad the next graduation is far, far away. I don't even want to think about him growing up!! Love that sweet, sweet, boy.