Thursday, June 30, 2016

Russell, 2.5 years old

Russell is always on the move. He is wide awake first thing in the morning -no groggy, slow-going to get ready, 5-more-minutes please, or anything like that. He pops out of bed and is ready for any adventures available. He's also the happiest first thing in the morning, which helps the mood in our home a lot. Some of us aren't morning people  :)

Russ has started to tell us he loves us, all the time. It's really sweet. If we're watching a show or even reading a book with a tender moment in it, he turns to me and hugs me and says, "I wuv you, Mom." Heart-melting, I know. I especially love it when we're reading Where the Wild Things Are. When it says, "Max... was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him best of all..." Russ always turns to me and hugs me. I might read it with a little extra sappiness, to perpetuate his response, but that's ok, right? He has also started saying it when he's in trouble though, which is good and bad! He is doing it to try and get out of going to time-out, which doesn't work, but he also softens me up faster that way, so I guess it's a good thing  ;)  He tells Cormac he loves him all the time, too, and gives such good hugs. He knows to squeeze extra tight!

Russell is crazy about dinosaurs. Every now and then I let the boys pick a toy from the dollar store, and Russell always wants another dinosaur. Cormac loves playing with them, too, but Russell talks about them all the time and his favorite shows are Dinosaur Train and We're Back. Oh, and when we go to the library, he always wants to get another Land Before Time movie -I think we've seen at least 6 of the 30 or so there are... so I guess we've still got catching up to do. Too bad they're horribly boring... Anyway, he usually tells me he dreamed about dinosaurs, and wants to take his plastic T Rex everywhere we go. He takes it on walks, brings it in the car for errands (I have a strict no-toys-in-stores policy, so it stays in the car), he wants it on the table while he eats, and he begs to sleep with it.

Russ has always loved dancing. If he hears a song he likes, he can't help bouncing around. He asks to listen to songs at home all the time, and loves to dance along. When a different song comes on the radio in the car, he exclaims, "I wuv this song!" Even if he's never heard it. He just loves music, and loves to dance around. We've been going to the cheap movies at the local theater and whenever a good song plays, he jumps off my lap and starts dancing. He especially likes the song from Lego Movie -Everything is Awesome. He's awesome.

Russ still doesn't listen very well, though. He has quite the attitude and basically does what he wants. The worst part is if he has something and we tell him to give it back or put it down, he runs away and chucks whatever he is holding... pretty frustrating. One time he got a knife out of the kitchen (they're in the top drawer and he can't reach most of that stuff, and doesn't really try... until that day) and showed me. I had to be wicked calm and pretend to be excited, and ask to see it, so he wouldn't run with it, or chuck it. He did come and show it to me, so I was able to take it safely. Yikes. He doesn't like going to time-out, but he also lets us know he doesn't care about being punished, if he really wanted to do whatever he did. He sticks out his tongue or yells and refuses to be upset by time-out, at first. After a while, he always begs to come and say sorry. He is at least doing better at not continuing bad behavior after a time-out, but it usually has to escalate that far first. When he does listen, and I praise him for listening, he gets all bashful about it and says, "Moooom!" But then he hugs me and I can tell he likes to make me proud. So, eventually, I think we'll get through the terrible twos.

Russell is really tough. He hardly ever cries when he falls down, especially if he's having a lot of fun. Like he doesn't have time to be bothered with crying. He scraped his knee really bad the other day, and did cry a lot, and it was really bloody. But the next day he told me it was all better. He bounces back quickly from being upset about anything, because he just loves having fun so much.

Russell is finally doing better at sleeping, a little. He has a bed in his room instead of a crib, and his last molar is FINALLY almost all the way in. He is the slowest teether in the world. He takes about 2 months to get a tooth all the way in, and I'm not exaggerating. And they've all been one at a time, spread out, so he's been teething for like 2 years straight. Anyway, he slept a little better after getting the bed in his room (and a lock on the door), so we're praying he is going to get better and stay better at sleeping through the night. It would make EVERYONE a lot happier  :)

Russell loves his big brother Cormac. He follows him around and copies him. He asks him to come play with him. He hates taking naps because he wants to be with Cormac -he asks to nap in Cormac's room or have Cormac come in his room. I love that they are best friends and have so much fun together. They play for hours outside in the water, and would probably stay out there all day if I let them, and kept filling up their pool. I hope they stay best friends forever!