Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cormac's First Day of Kindergarten

Well, somehow it happened. Cormac turned 5! He was wicked excited to go to kindergarten. We talked about it all the time, and how fun it would be to go to a big kid school. I took him ahead of time to meet his teacher one-on-one, and we also found out his two friends from preschool would be in his class! Talk about answers to prayers!

I was pretty nervous, I'll admit. It was pretty hard for him to go to preschool all by himself, and he still gets nervous going to primary sometimes. I fasted and prayed that he would be able to handle it. And Scott gave him a father's blessing the night before. All of that, plus having friends in his class, was enough to get him through the doors! He was holding my hand pretty tightly as we approached the school, but as soon as he saw his friend Finn, he let go of me and grabbed Finn's hand. They are such sweet friends! He still asked me to walk to the front door when his teacher led their class in, but then he said "bye" and didn't look back. I was so proud! I did stand there for a minute, in case he ran back out, but he didn't  ;)

I know it's not over. With his anxiety, he could panic tomorrow or the next day and not want to go. But after the first few days, I think we'll be in the clear. He is hard to read sometimes. He likes to be the center of attention one minute, and shy the next. For example, the waiters at the restaurant last night sang "Happy Birthday" to him and he grinned ear-to-ear the entire time. But he told me his class sang to him today, and he wanted them to stop. I'm guessing that was a shy moment. We'll keep working on his confidence and hopefully soon he'll feel comfortable in more situations like that.

I love our little Cormac so much! He has learned to talk back and give us a little attitude, but mostly he really is still very sweet and loving. He likes to read with me and snuggle with me. He wants to grow up and work at Vivint with his dad. He loves his little brother, even though they fight all the time, like brothers do. He is usually too kind to hit him back -just prefers to tattle instead. I'm sad to see some innocence leaving him, as he stretches the truth occasionally or disobeys me, but I'm proud of his desire to do what's right, and his ability to forgive and seek forgiveness. He always wants to make us happy. We love him to pieces.

I should mention, Russell missed Cormac terribly. I took him to the park and he realized he didn't have his buddy. He told me I had to play with him (no other kids were there). I followed him around a little, but I think Cormac must come up with most of their games, because Russell didn't know what to do with me! We did better coloring and putting puzzles together later. We'll have to set up more playdates so he has entertainment. Mom is no substitute for Cormac  :)  Russell was very excited to pick him up from school... and so was I!